A Whole person approach to success and wellness

A Whole person approach to success and wellness

Published By: Kharrthikheyan T N
Published On: 25 Jul 2023 01:50:56 AM

A Whole person approach to success and wellness

Are you are the same person at work and at home? Of course, physically you are!

How are you emotionally and mentally?

Do you believe that you have to leave some aspects of yourself outside of work? Do you feel you have to leave some aspects at work and not take those home?

Such behaviour makes you feel stressed because you create internal conflict within yourself. A few examples:

(1) You have a different view but do not express.

(2) You want to avoid conflict; so you ignore or accept or avoid situations.

(3) Even if it against your values and priorities, you agree to do it.

If you see similarities with your life, then it is time to revisit. You create stress and drain your energy, by being not your true whole self. This energy could be put to productive use to create better relationships, tap growth opportunities and be fulfilled.

What it means to be your true whole self? It is about being authentic; it is to act in line with your passion, strengths and values in every sphere of your life. This allows you to express your talent and does not hold you back.

When you have the opportunity to express your talent, you realize how to strengthen it further. This helps you to tap growth opportunities.

Being your true whole self means you are willing to be vulnerable. You know that your self-worth will not change by being open about your biases and limitations.

Being authentic and vulnerable help you gain trust of people. As a consequence, you enjoy better relationships.

Being your true whole self does not mean you will never be disappointed; it means you are aware of your emotions and you deal with them in a constructive way.

Being your true whole self does not guarantee you a win in all your endeavours but it gives you the power to see life with a perspective that give you a sense of ease and to be at peace, irrespective of success or failure.

A whole person approach to coaching is about helping you be your true whole self in your personal and professional lives.

Being your true whole self empowers you to be yourself, tap growth opportunities and lead a happy fulfilled life.

About the Author

Kharrthikheyan T N (TNK)is an experienced global people development leader and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Kharrthikheyan T N, fondly called Kharrthik, is an internationally certified leadership, career and mind mastery coach.

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