Dr. Anju Chawla

Wellbeing Coach
Life Coach
Leadership Coach

A human behavior and management professional holding PCC from ICF, US and multiple other graduations from names like Dale Carnegie, ISTD, Thomas Assessment, Qualia Emotions with 2decades of experience and exposure to varied demography in providing her coaching, training services, a mother to 15-year-old sonny boy and 4-year-old Beagle, is how Anju likes to pitch herself.

Her area of work is empowering people by befriending their emotions. She helps leaders identify their blind spot and match it to their model's bright spots.

She trains and coaches doctors, engineers, IT professionals, CAs and corporate from mid to senior level management in both private and public sector.

She is an awarded coach in the category of Women Coach.

Dr. Anju Chawla is an eminent figure in behavioral training with special mention in the field of  Emotional Intelligence, leadership development, coaching, and assessments. With a prolific career spanning two decades, she's the visionary Founder of EQ Advantage, an authority in emotional intelligence and personal growth.

Dr. Chawla's diverse expertise extends across industries such as ITES, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, education Insurance and Banking. Her seasoned insights uniquely equip her to guide us toward self-improvement and professional excellence.

As a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer™ from IAPCCT and an accredited Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA, she's dedicated to uplifting individuals and organizations. Her impact spans 50 organizations and over 60,000 individuals. Her influence also reaches prestigious B-Schools like IBS, SIU, LBSIM and CHRIST, as well as professional bodies like ICAI, DRFHE, and ICSI.

Dr. Chawla,  employs NLP, EI, Hypnosis, and TA to guide leaders in their journey toward excellence. Her international certifications, including Certified NLP Master Practitioner and EI Coach, underscore her pursuit of excellence.

Let's absorb the wisdom Dr. Chawla generously shares. Learning from such a distinguished figure is rare, and her insights will undoubtedly aid our journey to becoming impactful leaders.


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