Dr. Shuchi Sharma

Career Coach
Leadership Coach
Life Coach

Shuchi is a transformational coach, educator, and author. She is passionate about inspiring and encouraging future leaders to leverage their strengths towards enhanced performance and to effectively navigate themselves and their teams through uncertain environments.

She enables successful personal and professional transitions. Her primary intent is to help leaders create impact and lead engaged team members to be the best versions of themselves. 

Shuchi also facilitates coaching and mentoring programs focused on campus to corporate transition and in developing personal leadership through a transformative experience for participants where they feel accomplished, confident and proud of their achievements while being able to acknowledge their fears and become committed to overcome them.

She offers customized learning modules on essential soft skills including positive attitude, leader’s mindset, assertive communication and positive body language which are integral parts of an individual’s personality. These modules are practical, relevant and fun sessions and include follow ups with recommendations for further successful achievements .

Shuchi brings with her a varied experience of the corporate sector, research, consultancy, teaching and training and the management of academic institutions and her understanding of the HR requirements of the manufacturing, software, service, and developmental sectors helps her to recommend successful alignment of human resources practices to business objectives. Her work has been primarily in organizational transformation, performance management and building and engaging teams to produce better business results.

Her belief is that the true essence of being a leader is to be a life-long student… through learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Her book “Organizational Behavioral” published by McGraw Hill, provides a foundation in the concepts of organizational behavior in an easy-to-understand student- friendly manner.

Published Text Books

1.    ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR published by Tata McGraw Hill (ISBN 978-1-25-900502-2)

2.    COMPENSATION AND REWARD MANAGEMENT published by Tata Mc Graw Hill



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