Hemani Jayaswal

Life Coach
Relationship Coach
Leadership Coach

I am an ICF Accredited Coach. PCC with over two decades of business and personal experience. 

I  creatively coach my client drawing upon my intuition and clients strengths using a powerful Applied Neuroscience framework  : Through deep listening skills and a strong  belief in  the clients  potential I work as a catalyst in their  growth journey partnering  with then  every step of the way as a guide .I am their  Thinking partner.!

My niche lies in helping clients understand what drives them, including their thinking, needs, fears, values and the self- imposed beliefs they live by and help them change those with new empowering beliefs . This paves the way to new behaviors and action leading to lasting success and happiness

I also have extensive experience in training and facilitation with over 5000 hours of training. 

I am passionate about working with young adults in building their Emotional Intelligence, Professional skills, and a Growth Mindset.


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