Kharrthikheyan T N

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Kharrthikheyan T N (TNK)is an experienced global people development leader and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Kharrthikheyan T N, fondly called

Kharrthik, is an internationally certified leadership, career and mind mastery coach. He

helps individuals and teams to navigate uncertainty, overcome roadblocks and achieve sustained success &

wellness. He has coached and developed people across all organizational levels including the levels of

Executive Director, Vice President and General Managers. He has coached clients living in different continents,

working in varied industries on themes such as leadership effectiveness, career transitions and well-being &


Early in his career, Kharrthik was more energized by developing his team members than developing software.

It was in those moments that he found his passion to help people learn, develop and grow. Further, he

consciously chose people development roles in his corporate career, which spanned 12+ years as a global

people development leader across the technology, financial services, and engineering industries.

Kharrthik commenced his full time coaching career when he lived in the Netherlands. Currently living in India,

he is a member and Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. His interest in

Neuroscience spurred him to be a Social Cognitive Neuroscience certified coach. Pursuing his interest to

understand more about the human mind, Kharrthik, as a Mind Mastery Coach, contributes in the mission

towards eradicating mind illiteracy. He is also a certified Conscious Business Coach in Fred Kofman’s Conscious

Business approach.

Through his company TNKEMPOWERS INC, Kharrthik offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching services

to individual clients and organizational clients. Apart from his independent practice, he is a Premier Fellow

coach at BetterUp. He has authored two e-book's titled “Succeed with Strengths” and “Rise with Resilience”. He

serves as one of the Co-Leaders of ICF Global Career Coaching Community of Practice.

Kharrthik enjoys writing, loves being with nature and practices Yoga. He loves travelling, pets and the

opportunity to understand different cultures. He values balance in life and loves to spend time with family and



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