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My undivided attention to what coachees are saying without any judgement or bias helps me understand their viewpoint, establish   rapport   and   a   space   where   perspective   and feedback can be shared which then helps them to explore different perspectives and generate alternatives. The positive feedback triggers the coachee to develop personally, become better at work and start on the self discovery journey. The right questions originating from my varied experience makes the leader think and  helps them  calibrate  their  goals  to  the business’s goals/ organization’s goals. I am Professional Certified Coach (PCC- International Coach Federation) who has used my varied experience to partner and help individuals work out what they need to do themselves to improve, maximize their own performance and in the process, they achieve self awareness on what motivates them and what gets in their way (attitudes, prejudices, preconceptions, assumptions).Enable executives to achieve their goals and overcome their limiting beliefs.

My career has been marked with distinct professional choices each of which has contributed to my journey towards self-realization. I have been an entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast, an event planner, a life coach, and a business coach. 

Executive Coach

PPP Coaching | August 2017 - Present

- Currently working with Betterup to provide coaching services to executives of Fortune 500 companies.

- Have completed 1000+ hours of coaching helping the clients keep their growth trajectory intact even during the global slow-down and pandemics like COVID-19.

-  Worked with middle managers from companies like RBS, IDFC
bank, and Nokia helping them in career planning, and personal
development and improving individual and team performance.

- Working with 8 young leaders of Hindustan Zinc as part of the IIMU program for improved management skills, capability, and accelerated talent and leadership development.

- Helped clients develop new coping mechanisms and techniques to drive behavior modification.

- Successfully conducted workshops on Emotional Intelligence.


Safira Fashions- Timeless Ensembles| May 2006 - July 2017

- An innovative and creative fashion leader with extensive
experience in product design and development, Expertise includes product development for medium-end women’s business wear, casual wear and Indian traditional wear


Frootpunch- An event Management Company| May 2014- Jun

Managing event plans and concepts, liaising and negotiating with vendors, managing branding and communication. Negotiating

sponsorship deals and developing event feedback surveys.


Fablif- Health Wellness and Fitness| May 2014 - April 2018

Responsible for Identifying market opportunities, managing product development ,creating Business Plans, building and Leading app

development teams.


To  enrich  and  empower  my  clients  to become finest professionals and wonderful human    beings    through    a    holistic transformation using my knowledge, skills, passion, commitment and compassion.


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