Rampriya Sridharan

Career Coach
Business Coach
Behavioral Coach

I am a People enthusiast and a true Maverick who has predominantly worked in the Talent acquisition and Talent management functions for over two decades across India and the Middle East working with some of the well-known names. I am a CIPD Trainer who delivers training to aspiring HR leaders and professionals across the globe. I believe in the concept of “Absolute ownership” where everyone in the organization owns the processes and the outcomes.

I specialise in the areas of Career Transformation / Transition coaching and guide budding professionals in early career pathways. I use some of the valuable coaching tools, techniques and framework to help the coachee gain clarity on their developmental areas. My two decades of experience in the field of Recruitment enable me to help my coachees navigate through the complex maze of options available for them to make the right career choices and contribute to meaningful organisational outcomes.


250+ Coaching

90 Hrs/ACC

30 Minutes Meeting

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