Usha Venkatesh

Leadership Coach
Career Coach
Wellbeing Coach

 Usha Venkatesh has worn multiple hats with ease and success. She has been an entrepreneur, a corporate talent advisor, a finance professional, an investor and a consultant for a start-up in wellness space. ‘Talent Board’, a boutique search firm founded by her, specialized in hiring at CXO and leadership level with marquee clients like McKinsey, Honeywell etc. She is personally invested in the cause of diversity & inclusion and has conducted several corporate sessions as an expert. She is also collaborating with other practitioners to create a platform for design and execution bespoke services in the HR domain.

 She is currently on the path to acquire her certification from ICF.

 As a Coach, her two focus areas are:  1. Building leadership talent  and  2. Facilitating Transitions.

 1.Leadership: Being a leader is largely about who you are as a person and it encompasses all facets of one’s intrinsic personality and character. Usha helps in unveiling one’s layers to facilitate introspection and reflection to help the coachee to transition to accelerated growth.

2.Career Transitions: Unless managed well, career transitions can cause disruptions in one’s professional as well as personal domain. Usha aims to guide and structure the transition process for an individual by aligning their purpose and value with their career goals.

 Several hundreds of hours of conversations, interviews and assessments with aspiring leaders and managers has honed her skills in unpeeling the layers of potential hidden in her clients and bringing clarity for more powerful decision making.

 She believes in working with trust, compassion and empathy; she aspires to help individuals to discover his/her purpose and exploit one’s potential to achieve it. Her coaching style employs ‘reflective thinking’, ‘empathetic questioning’, ‘challenging beliefs’ and ‘un/re-learning’ that leads the individual to a path of self-discovery for achieving their goals.

 Usha Venkatesh is a graduate in Sciences  from Osmania University (Hyderabad) and an MBA from Bharatidasan Institute of Management (BIM).

 She is an avid reader, practitioner of yoga, and a keen traveler. She is constantly trying to learn and evolve herself.


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