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Inviting you to attend the online session to rewrite your life script and create a crystal-clear life plan.
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Course Description

It is about taking steps to nurture each aspect of life and maintain a harmony. It also involves taking a holistic approach to get to the root cause of any challenge that stands between you and your desired self.


Create a crystal-clear plan in the form of a life vision book.
Reset, create your future, and author your own life book.
Set SMART goals for key areas of your life - Spiritual, Health, Career, Relationships, Social, Financial, etc.
Let go of your limiting beliefs and manifest a life of your dreams.
Discover your highest self to realize your purpose and align with your true sense of being.
Learn simple and easy to implement Manifestation techniques.
Keep on track with accountability buddies post workshop.

Take charge of your life and set the stage for happiness and abundance. 

Gift yourself an impactful, experiential workshop where you’ll learn how to manifest your life’s vision, take key decisions with confidence and optimism, and attract abundance in all areas of your life.

I promise you – this workshop will help you create the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to ignite the spark within and fuel the limitless possibilities in every moment with curiosity and enthusiasm?

It’s never too late to finally be yourself 

Discover, Dream, Design – Become the best version of yourself.

Benefits of the workshop:

This workshop enables you to 

· Reset your priorities to create the future you’ve envisioned for yourself.

· Embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-management, and self-enablement.

· Set SMART goals for your key motivations – Spiritual, Health, Career, Relationship,

  Social, Financial or others.

· Learn about the power of positive affirmations and vision boarding your goals.

· Apply simple and easy manifestation techniques to realize your purpose.

· Form better relationships with those who matter to you – at work or in life.

· Get better at problem-solving with a systemic view of how you are part of a bigger   whole.

· Stay on track with support from accountability buddies during the workshop and beyond.

· Let go of all your limiting beliefs and manifest the life of your dreams.

· Channel your infinite potential to move from intention to action.

· Uncover the state of peak performance at work.

The best version of a butterfly is seen only after it has undergone a metamorphosis. It goes beyond vision boards and manifestation techniques. It involves taking small, incremental steps to nurture each aspect of life and maintain harmony. It also straddles adopting a holistic approach to get to the root cause of any challenge that stands between you and your desired self. My personal journey has been along similar lines. My experiences have taught me to believe that we all have an infinite source of potential and there are no bounds to our Caliber.

 Over a career spanning 22 years as a Talent Management Professional and a Leadership Coach in global organizations, I feel fortunate to have found my true calling in enabling my fellow beings to realize and maximize their true potential by uncovering their highest and best self.

Through coaching, I have not only helped countless individuals transform their lives but have also realized my true expression. I derive inspiration from mentors like Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Hicks, Rumi and Swami Paramahansa Yogananda. I ardently practice the universal laws of existence, attraction and vibration powered by mindfulness.

 Drawing on my people expertise and corporate leadership experiences, I have conceptualized and launched a unique offering under my dream company, Sparkinfy Consulting Group, now headquartered in New York, USA.

 As a certified Master Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I am humbled to have trained numerous leaders from Fortune 500 companies across the globe. I also chair the position of Director at TPC Leadership, a global leadership consulting firm to which I am deeply grateful for all the learnings and experiences.

 Who Should Attend?

• Leaders

• Decision makers

• Young managers

• Entrepreneurs

• Anyone who wants to revisit and recreate their life’s story

Testimonials from industry leaders

Anooja Sodhi

Pooja is a channel through which I am re-discovering myself. Her sessions are invigorating and inspire me to think beyond the daily struggles of life. Her calm and soothing voice allays any doubts which I may have. She has helped me ignite a fire within me to be the best version of myself. I am glad our paths crossed and that she is the channel of change in my life. Thank you for everything Pooja and I wish you all the best in life.”

Leena Sharma Khaneja

“To dream, I believe, is an art, a skill and a value. Pooja's Visioning session – “Discover, Dream, Design” was an amazing value exercise. It helped me understand the need and power of discovering my dreams. The session also made me reflect on the ways in which I may be able to make my dreams come true, in both my professional and personal life. She has the capability of selecting strategies to make discovery easier for coaches and is also gifted with incredible listening skills, which reflects in her engaging personality. Wishing her all the best for all future sessions, which will surely transform lives...”

Meghna Malik

Pooja is an incredible coach and mentor. She is a unique professional with insight, intelligence and interpersonal warmth. As my mentor, she has generously shared her insights during coaching sessions that have empowered me to discover my improvement areas and understand myself better to realize my full potential. She has helped me to become more self-aware and have a clear mindset to become a better person and an empowered coach. 

Thanks, Pooja for being present, listening to me, being empathetic, relating to me and enabling me to create self-awareness and self-realization that have helped me become a better, more empowered version of myself.”

 Pooja Dawra

MCC-ICF, Soul Alchemist, Master life Vision & Leadership Celebrity Coach, Mentor Coach

Winner of Most Influential Coaching Leaders Award 2023 by the WORLD HRD Congress powered by Times Ascent and EIILM-Kolkata

Starting at ₹25000 ₹6999

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