Wellness Reclaim Level 1 Program

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Wellness Reclaim is a modern wellness program with ancient roots to our Indian Yogic science. It’s a beautiful confluence of Life Coaching and Wellness to achieve self-regulation and balance to reclaim your success with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
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Course Description

WHY do you need this program?

We are living in a time of uncertainty and volatility which constantly keeps us stressed and in fear. Stress creates imbalances in our mind, body, emotional state, peace and our sleeping patterns.

A healthy state of being, which is the natural state of being for humans, is now a luxury.

It has therefore now become imperative to have a RESET.

Wellness Reclaim helps you to first identify where you are i.e., “KNOWING” stage, work with the Coach and RESET - REWIRE your Natural state of Being i.e., “DOING stage and transform to a RECLAIM state i.e., “BEING”

 We have created 3 levels of this program:

Level 1: “KNOWING”

Level 2: Wellness Journey “DOING”

Level 3: Wellness RECLAIM! “BEING”

 WHAT to expect from Level 1 program?

 Current wellness status through Ceekr Yogi meter Assessment

Coaching exploration Journey to understand your Wellness Goals

Your happiness status for 60 days

Explore Limiting patterns.

Insights on Physical Energy zappers

Insights and revelation on Emotional and Mental energy zappers (Stress triggers and underlying emotional patterns)

Relationships patterns and how you are perceived by others.

Effectiveness patterns and barriers in your execution

Dominant creativity and intelligence; and much more

Duration :30 days

No of Report: 1

No of Sessions: 2 sessions of 60 mins each (1:1 sessions)

Bonus: A “Wellness Journal “curated especially for you to help you introspect, track your goals and to be your reflective companion on this journey

 About the Course Creator:

Reshmma Gulati is an Executive Coach & Life Coach. She is specialised in Women Leadership Communication and Wellness Coaching.  She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with over 1000+ hours of coaching individuals, having developed over than 3500 leaders in last 7+ years to be an authentic & effective leader and to move to the Senior level Leadership Roles.  She has been awarded as one of 101 best coaches in India by World HRD forum in 2019. She is a certified master practitioner of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Several Healing modalities and is a Reiki Grandmaster. She believes in leadership growth through emotional wellbeing to succeed in stressful age of disruption. Develop high Emotional Quotient and lead stress free life.

Apart from this She brings over two decades of experience in Operations and Sales & Marketing in flagship MNC organization in varied industries.  


Starting at ₹20000 ₹15000

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