Leadership coaching is a powerful management training tool to help business leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance. Leadership coaching is a targeted leadership development process that is designed to meet the unique needs of the leader. This customized, tailored approach to leadership development is an investment to enhance the performance of the Leaders and their teams.
Whatever the reason for selecting leadership coaching as a development strategy, the company’s philosophy is to both leverage a leader's strengths and focus on achievable development goals during the coaching process.
A leadership coach is preferrably a businessperson, who understands the world of work and provides a leader with a safe space to discuss pressing or emerging issues and concerns. Leadership coaches use specialized tools and processes to build a leader’s capacity to achieve organizational goals. This benefits the leader by provoking free thoughts and encouraging flexible leadership.
It is known that leaders are at the core of organizations. In a study done by Fortune 1000 companies, 48% of leaders that underwent coaching exhibited an increase in work quality. This led to higher engagement and productivity, improving their effectiveness in leadership roles. Leadership coaching is typically less directive than the "command and control" management style that previously pervaded the business/organizational world

Frequently asked questions

Is Leadership Coaching only done by companies for their employees?

A leader may independently choose to engage the services of a coach to enhance his/her leadership skills. In these cases, the leader is encouraged to follow the guidelines outlined in this document?? Which document? , including the involvement of the sponsor.
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Coaching has a positive impact on both individual development and organizational performance, according to a recent study by the HR Research Institute. Leadership coaching is a viable development strategy in a number of different scenarios. Organizations use leadership development coaching to navigate market disruption, mergers and acquisitions, assisting a leader in making a successful transition to a new role or other business transformations.

Yes, it is a confidential process unless management has pre-defined terms for sharing the feedback. It is not the role of a coach to communicate on the behalf of or promote the special interests of the coachee or the management. Nor should a coach be expected to assume any responsibilities of management or be asked by company management to provide information that is considered confidential to the coaching relationship.

When Leadership coaching is used as a development strategy, improved business results is an expected outcome of the coaching process. It is reasonable to expect these behaviour changes to result in performance improvements with 6 months of coaching and not only sustain and gain momentum over time.
We at CNC only provide you with certified and experienced leadership coaches, shortlisted through a ICF standard evaluation process.