Wellbeing Coach

Wellbeing Coach

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Well-being, in general, is the state of good health, happiness, and prosperity. Well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods (e.g., satisfaction, happiness), the absence of negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety), fulfilment and positive functioning.
Well-being coaching includes a holistic approach to helping clients live healthy and fulfilled lives. Rather than concentrating on just one area of overwhelm or problem, it focuses on a state of contentment, happiness and healthiness in all areas of one’s life – from relationships to career to financial security.
A wellbeing coach is a trained professional who helps people through different challenges in their lives which help improve their overall well-being. This might be in helping enabling them to make specific decisions, improving mental or physical health through taking specific actions or making changes to one’s lifestyle to become healthier, happier and more confident, and improve their physical &emotional state.

Frequently asked questions

What areas can a Wellbeing coach help you with?

Typically they enable you in the following areas: Health-Physical, mental, emotional, relationships-direction, career-meaning & fulfillment and more.
A wellbeing coach’s special expertise lies in recognizing the interconnectivity of all the areas in their client’s life and helping enabling them to create a program and lifestyle that enables them to creates live a life of positivity and happiness.

As with all things “coaching”: there is no definitive answer to how long an individual will require coaching assistance. It depends on several things, including:

  • What the issues are
  • The client’s motivation
  • How ready the client is to make changes?

Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is the starting point to begin changing your life, By Deborah Deh, Author.
Wellbeing Coaching can be utilised by anyone. Whether you are a homemaker or a CEOs of huge corporations to micro-business owner. Well-being coaching is not only a useful personal development tool but that it can have a massive impact on their overall performance.

Well-being encompasses all the areas and being in an aligned and healthy state in every aspect of your life. The aim of wellbeing coaching is to enable you as an individual to live in a state of contentment and overall good health. This may involve big changes (perhaps initially broken down into a series of small steps) and an ongoing commitment to maintaining the new lifestyle and habits.
Some of the wonderful outcomes of having a Wellbeing coach are: Positive changes in life, realizing full potential, gained confidence, achieving specific tasks, better relationships, improved physical health, energy and emotional health.
We at CNC only provide you with certified and experienced wellbeing coaches, shortlisted through a ICF standard evaluation process.