Enterprise of My Life!

Enterprise of My Life!

Published By: Pooja Dawra
Published On: 01 Oct 2023 12:17:30 AM

Enterprise of My Life!

One of the key topic brought to the coaching sessions, especially by women entrepreneurs is the ‘Whole life balance’.

Some like to call it a work life balance. I personally prefer to address it as ‘Whole life’.

Reflect on these questions to find out why. 

Where do we spend most of our time in life?

Working! Correct.


Academia researches have proved that healthy human beings on an average spend 1/3 of their life at work, 1/3 we spend sleeping and the rest is where everything else happens. 

How important is this everything else? 

Fairly important! Correct.

So, Lemme ask you, when did you last pause and scan your whole life?

If your life was your ‘dream enterprise’? Just like your ‘business enterprise’. What all would you do to help it grow, expand and set it up for success?

What does your highest best life look like to you? 

Pause and reflect:

“Is this my highest best life ?” 

“Am I moving closer to it?”

“Am I who I need to be to to get there?”

“What choices am I making?”


Inviting you to reflect on the image below and draw a similar tree on a piece of paper with lots of space to reflect and answer the questions:


If this is a tree representing the enterprise of your life. What would the important branches of your life be? 

Label each branch with the keys area of your life.

e.g.: Spiritual, Self-Love, Health, Career, Relationships, Social, Financial etc?


Let’s take a closer look at tree of your life.


On a scale of 0-5 score how healthy each branch is? 

Are there any surprises for you?

How do you currently spend time in these areas?

What does the desired state look like?

What are the interferences? Inner and Outer?

What’s one action in your control that you can take?

What can you influence and change?

What do you need to accept in order to let go and move on?

What would it feel like living to your highest potential?

What all have you tried so far?

What’s the real challenge?

What can you do that’s in your control?

What are some of the weeds (the non-serving beliefs) that are hampering the growth of this wonderful enterprise of my life?

What are the beliefs that have nourished you to come this far?

What beliefs can support this tree to bloom and flourish further?

What’s that one step you can take that would take you closer to the desired state?

What would support you on this journey?

What truly is your life-giving force?

Who you truly are?

How important is it for you to get to your highest best potential?

Who else will be impacted by this pleasant shift in you? 

One action you are committing to take in the next 24 hours?


I invite you to imagine that you have successfully overcome the limiting beliefs and you are living your highest best life.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out. Repeat a few times and see how does it feel to live at your highest best potential?

What one advice would this highest self of yours give you in this moment to strike the balance?


I wish you a healthy, abundant, joyful and wholesome life ahead.





Life and Leadership Coach Pooja Dawra, ICF PCC  

About the Author

Pooja Dawra

Life and Leadership Coach Pooja Dawra, ICF MCC 

As a Professional accredited Coach by International coaching Federation, Faculty and Coach Mentor Pooja has coached numerous leaders from Fortune 500 companies across the globe and chairs the position of a director at TPC Leadership, a global leadership consulting firm and State President, Women's Coaching Council, WICCI.

Deeply interested in universal laws of existence and Transpersonal Psychology.

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