"The Journey of Being You!"

"The Journey of Being You!"

Published By: Parineeta Mehra
Published On: 25 Jul 2023 01:34:52 AM

"The Journey of Being You!"

PURPOSE COACH: I enable and support Individuals & Teams to identify and work with their purpose. I explore, engage, empower others| PCC-Hogan Certified| IAF- Endorsed Facilitator| Author| Mentor| Transition Management|

Have you ever celebrated ‘being you ?' Or encouraged/supported/motivated someone else along life's journey to do so?  Think of what it would be like if you would be Jubilant over You! The you can be anyone as in you referring to self, one’s friend, partner, co-worker, client, coachee or even our everyday helper, who make our lives carry on effortlessly both at home and at work. 

I am, however, in this write up exploring and celebrating myself-the Joy of being a Woman i.e. and celebrating life in its entirety. The very feeling of being a woman who makes the decisions, who believes in her strengths and focusses on them more than spending time trying to correct her weaknesses all the time (she does do it on and off though) is a joyous feeling.

A woman who does not let the past define her, who does not try to be better than anyone else in her life but only better than her own past self is celebrating joy and life differently. The feeling of a woman who is creating her life exactly how she wants it to be, a woman who sets boundaries for herself, who can disappoint another to be true to herself that she discovered as life went by.

The feeling of joy of a woman who sets goals and dreams for herself, always looking forward, not dwelling on the past, only looking back long enough to know she never wants to return there as the same person. This is the journey I have discovered in recent times, after my journey of seeking what’s within me- ‘the inward reflection’ as I call it.

Being better than you used to be requires not dwelling in the past but reflecting long enough to marvel at how much you’ve grown along the way, and how you managed the challenges that came in the path that you walked.  In doing this reflection, I realized that if I have to build the ‘inner being i.e. self ’ as I did, then I need to answer this question:  Do you want to be this woman? Are you ready to put the focus back on you? Then, put yourself on the ‘to do list’ first and say yes to your individual journey without guilt attached!! Are you ready to be Jubilant over yourself? Only once you do that can you help others travel that path too!

That’s what set the ball rolling and what I’m penning here and now. When I reflect, I observe that I have been a partner, parent, sounding board, cheerleader, tutor, motivator, learner and donned many other roles too! All this has helped me to grow in more ways than one and has made me a complete person who seeks joy in living life by reaching out and doing her bit along life’s journey. That’s what gives me joy! I’ve lived life in many shades and enjoyed soaking in them too as each shade shaped my personality in some positive way.

What’s your journey about? Do you resonate with particular colors/shades only? What brings you joy? Go out, experiment as that’s the journey of joy. The journey of being you! Stop making excuses. Be brave and take some risks. Live life jubilantly and explore the journey as a ship is always safe at the shore - but that is not what it is built for.” Similarly, humans are on a journey of being and not just doing, so be you!!                                                                      

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Parineeta Mehra                                                                                                    

PURPOSE COACH: I enable and support Individuals & Teams to identify and work with their purpose. I explore, engage, empower others| PCC-Deep Coaching & Hogan Certified.

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