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Published On: 30 Sep 2023 11:47:56 PM


You may have read this many times - we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience. While this may sound unbelievable or incomprehensible, if we reflect on it long enough, we can see the truth of it. Indian wisdom says that we are not of this body, we discard it when we die and take a new body when we are reborn. If I am not the body, then who am I. I am the spirit. The spirit is that which reminds us of our true home. That home where morality, goodness and beauty are seeded into us.

When we are born into matter, into the physical body, we forget our spirt nature. The journey between birth and death is that of us getting back in touch with ourselves, of remembering our true self, who we are at our core.

Spirituality, which comes from the word spirit, is the seeking for our real self, for our real home. All ancient wisdom says that the human being is at the core, divine. We carry within us a spark of the divine. This is what orients us to our real home - the spiritual world. It is our essence as a human being.

Our ability to think is what differentiates us from all the other living things on this earth. This ability to think can be used for making us be bigger or feel smaller. It can be used for believing in ourselves and be better or for doubting ourselves and play small. Among all what we are capable of being, our true self is the most difficult to be.

When we are oriented and aligned to our spirit nature, we are happy, fulfilled, positive, joyous and able to connect with other living things in the world. When we are not, we are depressed, sad, negative, feel empty, isolated. We believe ourselves to be stupid, selfish, ruthless, bad, not enough.

At the core all of us are the same. Moral, beautiful, kind, loving. A shining marble with beautiful colors. Some of us have buried this shining marble with so much debris which can be self-doubt, fear, guilt, anger, fear - that we forget that it is there. We burden our soul and think less of ourselves. We bring ourselves to meet many experiences in the course of our life. The deepest purpose of each of these experiences is an opportunity for us to find that shining marble, the core of us

All of us are on this journey, each at a different place. Those among us who are a bit ahead on this journey choose to turn around and walk with others so that they can discover the shining marble. These people are called Spiritual coaches.

Spirituality is a journey to the core of who we are – all the same irrespective of how we look like, how we sound, where we choose to be born and live. It’s the journey home. Spiritual coaches are those beacons of light who show us the way. And spiritual Coaching is the process of us giving ourselves permission to see who we really are.

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Sandhya is a passionate believer of the human potential and an admirer of human beings. She is a Biography Consultant, a Biography Trainer, a coach and someone who strives to live in awareness.

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