Emotional Intelligence Armour

Emotional Intelligence Armour

Published By: Dr. Anju Chawla
Published On: 25 Jul 2023 01:41:32 AM

Emotional Intelligence Armour

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A few Quick pointers around Emotions for your EI armour:

a.     EI is a game of perspectives, more you gather the, better you get at the game.

b.     EI is an individual concept which can be synergized for a team.

c.      To neutralize one unpleasant emotion,5 pleasant emotions are needed. (1:5)

d.     By age 2, some of your neurons have already died, and others have started networking. By age 7, your network is big enough to rely on. By 21, your neurochemical cake is baked.

e.     There is no delete button, but brain has the power to build a new circuit by putting your focus elsewhere, also called brain muscle training.

f.       There is no right or wrong emotion, rightness or wrongness is decided by the result that distil with a respective emotion.

g.     ANGER is the easiest emotion to invoke-Aristotle. SADNESS can be the longest living emotion in our limbic system.

h.     Anger is the highway with no speed limit-choose to take risk of a crash in a turn, or slowdown timely to enable yourself to apply brake at the right time.

i.       Emotion is not triggered directly by the event but by the individual’s assessment of the situation

j.       Emotions are universal in nature. It is the mental association-feelings which are subjective.

k.      We always feel something, trick is to recognize and label it. Our emotions are a continuous flow, not an occasional event. Inside each of us there is a river-placid and contained sometimes, but raging and overflowing its banks. There is a lot to navigate.

l.       EI is also about differentiating all my emotions.

m. Emotions arise from subconscious hence need intelligence to regulate, whereas feelings are from conscious brain and hence can be hidden.

Basis of the EQ concept- Emotional Intelligence is not just about mastering emotions and conditioned reflexes for personal benefit or for the greater good. The emotionally intelligent person acknowledges emotion in himself and in others and uses it appropriately. All reflexes and resultant emotions are there for a good reason, but, while anger, depression and so on have their purposes in nature as in modern life, they have a tendency to feed themselves and so grow out of all proportion, or if acted upon without intelligence, to have inappropriate disproportionate consequences.

About the Author

Dr.Anju Chawla is a passionate EI practitioner and is on a journey to enable people use their emotions to run their lives and not ruin it.

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