Fresh out of Zombie - Land

Fresh out of Zombie - Land

Published By: Payal Karnik
Published On: 12 Sep 2023 08:52:08 AM

Fresh out of Zombie - Land

I am certainly not a fan when it comes to zombies, but this week was unusual. I was successfully tricked by my cousins to partake in what they claimed to be a very exciting ‘not to be missed’ virtual reality game, only to find out at the game briefing that it involves killing and getting killed by my ‘beloved’ zombies!

Me writing this note is without doubt a proof of my survival and the team’s victory in exterminating the walking corpses! My hunch is…perhaps I survived to share this very useful learning from this entire experience.

Alright, so let’s get started!

As terrified and spooked out as I was while entering the land of Zombies, I almost laughed at the sudden realization of my irrational behaviour: None of the elements in the game were real; not even the zombies! It’s just an illusion. So, what does all this mean?

Connecting this back to the ‘real’ life, I couldn’t help but many times do we fear making a decision, taking an action or attempting a dream because we imagine and overthink all that could possibly go wrong? If we bring our attention back to the present moment…that assumed scenario doesn’t even exist. It’s just a story we tell ourselves and a belief we choose to associate with, isn’t it? Worse still…repeated immersion in these thoughts program our mind and brain to make it a reality. After all, they simply follow instructions.

Of course, we are not talking about obvious dangers like possibility of death by jumping off a cliff unequipped. But certainly, about the unrealistic fears and apprehensions that keep us from moving ahead to achieve what we truly want. The point isn’t to overcome a certain resistance because someone asked you to - peer pressure is definitely not the way to go! Do it because you want to and because you know in your heart that your life would be on a completely different level of awesome if only you could overcome this obstacle.

So now that we cracked the code and found the cure, why not re-direct and re-focus your attention, i.e., your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on that what would work for you?

Life to a great extent is a manifestation of our perception and attention. So next time if you feel held back by a certain resistance, just ask yourself…is this even real? If not, what do you wish to create?

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