How Does Coaching Enable Growth Mindset?

How Does Coaching Enable Growth Mindset?

Published By: Deep Ahuja Sharma
Published On: 17 Sep 2023 10:00:17 PM

How Does Coaching Enable Growth Mindset?

Coaching supports the process of  nueroplasticity to happen in the brain of the coachee expanding their view of the landscape. 

 One of the most important components in coaching  is powerful questioning that raises awareness, which enable them to go beyond the set neural pathways and explore outside the well trodden territories.  

Questions that enable the coachees to imagine future perspectives and bring up 'outside in' point of view on their current reality or aspirational state of being helps them to take calculative risks and take actions towards their desired goals. 

For example, 

Let's imagine you are already there at your aspirational state. What do you see happening? How do you feel? 

If there was a CCTV recording your performance up there, what would it show? 

What barriers did you face? 

How did you overcome them? 

The impact of such questioning is that the coachee lives the moment from the future through a sensory  experience and gets prepared for the actions they need to take and also facing / overcoming any barrier, preparing them to be more open, agile, adaptive, innovative and  resilient through the journey! 

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I am a Transformational Leadership coach and Global Facilitator, enabling professionals to LEAD and thrive. At TPC Leadership, as a Managing Partner, I am celebrating Women Achiever in Entrepreneurship Award 2018-19. I am a Facilitator for Transformational Leadership Coaching ICF ACTP 142 Hours program with 200 plus coaches trained in India and oversees. I like to bring creativity to everything I undertake. I am a poet, podcaster and writer at heart who deeply connects with the Core of others. Being a co Author & Editor to the Books- Coaching Mantras and a Poetic journey called Elephantism and contributor to Emotions and Unfurling my heart. With almost 2 decades of experience, I am passionate about supporting Professionals from all walks of life, from top to bottom.

Having served thousands of leaders from the likes of IIM, Rolls Royce, Kronos etc.. , ICF MCC, a member of global Facilitation community. Being a certified train the trainer from Dale Carnegie & instruction designer. Facilitating various programs for global leaders & their teams. I believe that being a Coach & Facilitator, anyone can lead diverse & inclusive workspace easily & effortlessly to drive results that truly matter. I am on a mission to enable leaders build a coaching & facilitation muscle too. 

I find myself as a 'Gardener' who is sowing the seeds of self-belief and removing the weeds of self-doubt, for the plants (the people) and garden (the organization) both may flourish.

Mother to a ten-year-old, I live with a family of seven with two generations who leave no stone unturned to train myself about Life skills daily!

Travelled to parts of all continents- where Fiji & Hawaii are my favourite island destinations Oceania and Americas.

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